What we do

We help raise money and awareness for organizations who serve marginalized youth in their communities.

King Ridge Connect

The King Ridge Connect program gives people just like you the opportunity to support a small at-risk youth charity in their community. The best opportunity that these organizations have is by garnering the support of passionate individuals who want to make a difference. Below is a glimpse into some of our connect partners, and what they're doing to support the cause. You can give directly to their chosen charities, or launch your own campaign to support an at-risk youth charity that's close to your heart. Click here to learn more.

Marco Sullivan

Just because I stopped ski racing doesn't mean I'm done wearing spandex. This fall I'll be riding my bike in Levi's GranFondo in support of at-risk youth. Through Levi's GranFondo, riders can raise money for an organization in their own community. I've chosen to ride for the Tahoe Safe Alliance.

Kevin Jorgeson

I believe the hardest challenges present the greatest opportunities. Climbing is something that has forged my life, and I've seen it change the lives of marginalized kids for the better in ways that are hard to describe. With B-Rad foundation, we've created a place where we can introduce kids to the outdoors in life-changing ways. I'm proud to be part of the work we are all doing for such a great cause!